General Questions

Yes we Cater for complete beginners.

No not at all, you do not need any fitness to get started. You will get fit by training with us. We will push each individual within their own limits

Shorts a t-shirt a bottle of water and a willingness to learn. (if you have gloves, shin pads or wraps feel free to bring them along)

Adults €10 per class or €60 per month for unlimited classes. Kids (ages 5 -12) €5 per class. Girls Thai Fit €5 per class

No, nobody is ever forced to spar and its completely up to the individual

Yes we accommodate fighters preparing for fights. Contact Cian for more information about training with our experienced fighters

Unfortuunatly not as Cian Hogan's body was slowy and painstakingly chiseled from granite over many hundreds of man hours.