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At Warriors Gym we teach authentic Muay Thai and K1. Our facility is equipped for your training needs, we ensure safe training for competition, fitness and efficient self defence. All new clients begin in our fundamentals program and progress from there as the basics of Thai boxing are learned. Don't worry we won't throw you in the ring to spar. You can come to class and learn technical skills and get a great workout without doing full sparring.




Not only does Muay Thai develop tremendous strength and extremely toned muscles, but the exciting movements of Thai Boxing develop a balanced, fully body core strength. This is the best kind of strength your body really needs for long term health and longevity. Muay Thai is also a heck of a lot more fun than running on a treadmill. This is the toughest workout you will ever love! There is no comparison. Muay Thai is the ultimate workout. We have the equipment to condition and develop speed, stamina and strength. We have hanging bags, speed-bag, double end bag, training pads plus a full size boxing ring. All you need is boxing gloves, shin insteps and to show up ready to learn!


Head Trainer - Multiple Irish / Four Nations and Caged Muay Thai Champion Cian Cowley






One to One

Private training and consultation is available on request from our head coach Cian Cowley. These sessions can be tailored towards absolute beginners to seasoned professional fighters. Regardless of your specific goal we will endeavour to help you reach it with tried and tested nutritional advice and training plans.


Our Gym has recently gone under an amazing transformation and boasts a boxing ring, new threadmill, a large matted area throughout the whole gym, 4 heavy bags, a speed bag, strongman strength and conditioning equipment, pull up bars and an abundance of various thai/boxing pads.


Our facilities include both male and female changing rooms with hot running water. The shower rooms are brand new and are kept in pristine condition. The gym has also recently floored the training area with premium jigsaw mats which are disinfected daily. Everything a leading Thai Boxing gym requires is right here in Warriors.


My 6 year old absolutely loves it down there. Just wanted to say thanks to Cian and the other Trainers for making David feel so welcome. 6 weeks in and I can see an amazing difference in his fitness and discipline. I think I may have to give the Beginners class a try :) Thanks again, see you all again on Saturday
Nadine Doyle